Welcome to the world of Anton Bell Photography.

As a photographer with over a decade of experience, I bring expertise in Studio & Event photography to every project.

With a solid foundation from the “British Higher School of Art & Design” and advanced training courses completed at the “Academy of Professional Photography” Moscow, I’ve honed my skills and ready to infuse each frame with creativity and passion.

My work has been published in the European and American press, including “The Washington Post”.


Specializing in a diverse range of services, I offer:

  • Event photography
  • Studio & Outdoor photoshoots
  • Fashion photography
  • Sports photography
  • Product photography
  • Performance photography
  • Private photo sessions

In my Studio sessions, I collaborate with a skilled make-up artist to ensure every detail is perfect.


But let my portfolio do the talking. If my work speaks to your soul, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always on the lookout for exciting new projects and opportunities for collaboration.

Let’s create something remarkable together.